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Suddenly, worldbuilding

Occasionally I get the idea that I can write fiction.  Here’s some worldbuilding from a setting I have bouncing around in my head, called Solonia.  It’s currently just the setting for a Pathfinder campaign.  I develop it as a hobby.  … Continue reading

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Failure Post #2: Area 11’s “Euphemia.”

Yep, don’t have a post today, due to being way behind on my candidacy exam work.  So here, have some Nerd-rock.

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“God damn it woman, grow some bal– um…ah, crap.”

I have come to the conclusion that there should be a good slang term for “ovaries.” My reasoning is this:  Periodically, I get the urge to say of someone courageous, outlandish, or who simply gives zero fucks, “they have some … Continue reading

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