Hsere’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic drinking game

Since my last post (which was viewed roughly 20 times more than any other post I’ve made so far) counted as the post for this past Sunday, this isn’t actually a Failure Post.  However, I figured I’d throw something up here on Sunday-ish anyway. So following up on a post about problematic language in social justice movements and how it relates to George Orwell’s views on the English language, here is a drinking game based upon an awesome cartoon.

Yeah, if you came to this blog looking for thematic consistency, I am very sorry.

Based upon my current testing, this should result in roughly one standard-size beer per 22-minute episode, which was my goal in designing it.  Obviously, there will be occasional outliers — the most drink-heavy episode we’ve yet experienced is “Applebuck Season”, which gets fairly brutal around the halfway mark, ending in a “finish your drink” condition.


  • All drink conditions stack.
  • Strongly Advised: The Chamonix Drinking Game Rules:
    • Before beginning the game, select a number of drinks you are comfortable consuming consecutively (for me, this number is 3). For our purposes, a “drink” is any beverage that contains total alcohol content roughly equivalent to 1 U.S. Industry Standard Bottle of beer (e.g., 1 wineglass full of wine or 1 mixed drink containing a total of 1 shot).
    • After finishing the last of these drinks, continue playing the game, but switch to a large (~ 400 mL) glass of water, rather than booze.
    • After finishing the glass of water, switch back to booze for 1 drink.
    • After finishing that drink of booze, switch back to water. Continue alternating 1 drink with 1 glass of water until you finish the game or start feeling sick. At that point, stop drinking. Seriously dude/lady, it’s just a drinking game.
    • In this way, you can play while hopefully avoiding alcohol poisoning.

Drink Conditions:

  • A unicorn other than Twilight uses magic
  • Twilight teleports (herself or something else)
    • Drink twice if the teleportation was completely unnecessary
  • Twilight makes an exasperated noise.
  • Rainbow Dash acts like a jerk
  • Someone crashes into something/someone
    • Drink twice if Rainbow Dash is not involved
  • A pony “bucks” something
    • Drink twice if it isn’t Applejack
  • Pinkie Pie violates the laws of physics or breaks the fourth wall.
    • Drink twice if another character actually acknowledges it.
  • Fluttersy says “oh,” says “um,” or apologizes (max of 1 drink/sentence).
  • A voice actress argues with herself
  • A male pony speaks (1 drink/scene, except for Big Mac, see below)
    • Drink every time Big Mac says “eeyup”
      • Drink twice for every “nope”
  • Dr. Whooves appears on-screen, Derpy appears on-screen, or Lyra and Bonbon appear on-screen next to each other (1 drink/scene)
  • Someone says “everypony,” “nopony,” “somepony,” etc.
  • Someone breaks out in song
    • If the song has multiple verses, drink once for every verse and every chorus
    • DO NOT drink for each singer!
    • Corollary: if you sing along, you don’t have to drink.
  • Finish your drink: A member of the Mane Six has a full-scale psychological breakdown.
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2 Responses to Hsere’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic drinking game

  1. Jaspirita says:

    Yay! I can finally play this game that S has been telling me about :-D. Too Many Pinkie Pies would be another crazy episode for this lol.

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