“Men have the power to stop online harrassment” — but do we really? And how?

Another instance has arisen of a female geek receiving threats and harrassment in response to criticism she’s made.  This time, the target was Janelle Asselin, after critiquing the cover of the Teen Titans relaunch.  Dr. Nerdlove has written up a summary of the shitstorm in which he calls out geek men — all geek men — for standing silently by and allowing this to occur. Continue reading

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In defense of Flash Sentry (sort of, anyway): why “Equestria Girls” got gender-politics right

[EDIT 2013-11-08 12:10pm UTC: Reldan has posted a comment below clarifying their problems with the “rescue scene.”]

In my previous post, I described how Reldan’s post on the traditional princess motif and FiM helped me better understand my problems with Equestria Girls, but I also said that I disagreed with some of their criticisms.  In this post, I’m going to go into more detail on one of Reldan’s critiques; their problems with Flash Sentry.

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A virtuoso symphony with really bad acoustics: my (way, way late) thoughts on Equestria Girls.

Spoilers ahoy, just in case I’m not actually the last fan of FiM to see Equestria Girls.

Yeah, I actually did put off watching Equestria Girls until just recently.  I think, at some level, I may have been doing so because as long as I didn’t watch it, my worst fears couldn’t be realized.  But as it turns out, the whole thing is hilariously anticlimactic.  For all the hype and all the backlash surrounding it, Equestria Girls turns out to be just okay.

For the team behind FiM to produce something that is “just okay”, you’d think something would have to go horribly wrong.  Well…sort of, and sort of not.  There are many components of the movie that are excellent — some even exceeding the usual quality of the show.  But a few substantial missteps, mainly involving the overall structure of the story, result in a movie that is less than the sum of its parts.

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“You are Sarah Kerrigan”: Starcraft 2 and player identity

Okay, enough of this serious shit.  You know what I feel like talking about?  Storytelling in videogames.

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What World of Warcraft and a year-old hashtag meme can tell us about feminism’s PR problem

I’ve been thinking further about my last post.  In particular, I’ve been thinking about how it relates to the #sorryfeminists hashtag meme from a year ago.

Yeah, sometimes I don’t understand how my brain works, either, but hear me out.
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World of Warcraft, Street Harrassment, and Depicting vs. Condoning

[Thanks to Misanthropology 101 for first bringing this topic to my attention.]

World of Warcraft landed itself in some minor controversy yesterday. Some of the idle NPC dialogue in their latest patch features two male orcs discussing the attractiveness of a particular female orc in a way that is…let’s say “less than sophisticated.” The exact dialogue in question is as follows:

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A Vehement Rant Regarding Gawker’s Tom Scocca on the Subject of Racial Equality

[WARNING: The following is a rant.  It contains foul language, strong opinions about serious issues, and possibly even run-on sentences.  Reader discretion is advised.]

I just had the poor judgement to read a pile of vomit-covered feces-covered vomit masquerading as an article on race relations fifty years after the March on Washington.  It is entitled “Fifty Years After the March, White People Are Still a Disgrace”.  The article tackles the very real and urgent problem of gross racial inequality and injustice with all the skill and sense of a four-year old trying to open a door by running against it face-first as hard as they can.
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